Final Build Post!

Welcome back! I will be wrapping up the build process in this post. We left off last time with the top layer and spacers between the layers installed. After that I wanted to secure the support to my car but without drilling into the frame. The solution was to install anchors into the cross 2×3 and run metal wire through the metal hooks (part of my car) that the rear seats were attached to.

With the support attached to the car now (and me feeling a tiny bit safer) it was time to cut the plywood to shape!

With the plywood cut and the fit as tight as possible (look at how cleanly it fits into the trim of the car!) it was time to carpet and figure out the rear piece and how it would hinge up to allow access to the spare tire.

Right, left, and the obligatory test fit!

The top two pieces were nailed down with a nail gun along the horizontal supports. It worked out super well because the nails went through the carpet and attached the plywood to the 2×3’s without any nail heads in the carpet! This was a lot easier than nailing the plywood down and then trying to install the carpet to each piece.

I think my favorite feature has got to be the rear piece. We originally were going to have a light duty hinge going across the entire piece like this:


But opted to go with 2 heavy duty hinges just at each end (far left and far right.) I will have to add a photo of the hinges later as I do not have them handy. But what I do have handy is a picture of the super handy and easy to access tire and extra storage area!

This horizontal 2×3 as mentioned in my last post is not nailed or glued on, but fits into place via awesome joinery that allows it to lay flat and support the plywood platform (and my weight.) It is great for a little bit of additional storage (maybe 6-8 inches high.) We used the original floor of my Fiesta and cut it to shape to cover the tire without hanging all over the place. That is also very easy to remove to get access to the spare tire.

In the photo above you can also see the additional platform behind the passenger seat that flips up and has a cross type support underneath. This allows me to actually lay down and stretch out flat, as well as when it folds down the passenger seat can slide back and still be used.

I believe that wraps up the build process! It was super fan planning and executing, and again I could not have done it without the help of my woodworking friend David. So infinite thanks to him. Now that the build is completed I will be posting trip reviews, campsite reviews, gear review (such as sleeping bags and sleeping pads), and disc golf course reviews. I will be starting this weekend as I have a tournament and would love to share my experience.

Let me know what questions you might have about the build or anything else! Thanks for reading!

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