Lowes Trip + Support

With the seats out it was time to build the support for the plywood platform. This was a little tricky because from my trunk to behind the front seats was not flat at all. After a quick trip to Lowes we were ready to get started.

Layer 1:

All wood was 2×3’s as they looked a little cleaner and less bulky than 2×4’s. This photo is before the joints were completed. Once the joints were done the horizontal pieces laid completely flat and flush with the vertical pieces.

Test Spacers between layer 1 and layer 2:

This was just to see how tall I really wanted the platform to sit, and I opted to not have it sit higher than the back bumper. I lost a lot of potential storage this way but made the inside feel as roomy as possible for how small the space really is.

Layer 2 and completed spacers:

Also put down some refletix to help a little with noise and insulation. All horizontal pieces except the one over the spare tire were put in place with joinery to the vertical pieces with wood glue and a nail gun. The piece over the tire for support is removeable so I can still access my spare tire easily when needed. I will show that in greater detail in the next post.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the rest of the build. I am aiming to have it all done by March 19th!

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