Getting Started – Seats Out!

For those of you who are starting here, welcome! This past year I have gotten absolutely hooked on disc golf. The stay at home orders and closure of nearly all recreational facilities / events was surely a blessing in disguise as I dove head first into this new hobby. I have been playing as often as possible, watching tons of professional coverage, and just generally soaking up everything disc golf related. With this backstory in mind, I have really been wanting to branch out and play new courses (as Vancouver only has a few close by courses and I have played them all 30 times each at this point) and I wanted to make some fun weekend camping trips out of it. With Covid (as well as just to save money) I do not want to have to have to stay in a hotel every time I want to do one of these trips.

The solution: Converting my 2014 Ford Fiesta Hatch into a weekend camper! Luckily I had an amazing woodworking friend who was willing to help and get invested in a fun new project. (Seriously huge thanks David)

It took some time to commit to this idea. I had recently paid off the Fiesta, so I was considering trading it in for a smaller SUV something like a RAV4. While that would have been a lot more practical, spacious, and easy, it would have made this whole project simply laying down the seats flat and throwing a sleeping bag in the back. Plus, I couldn’t justify taking out a vehicle loan when my Fiesta, with some modifications, would do the job. I am very happy with the decision as the project has been an absolute blast so far. Which leads me into the first official build post!

Step one was removing the rear seats in the Fiesta. This was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. There were exactly 3 YouTube videos (terrible quality) of people removing their seats in their older generation Fiestas and one guide that was from a newer generation. With those being my only resources it did take a solid hour or two to get the seats out. I wish I would have documented the exact steps taken to make it easier on the next person who tries it, but I just wanted the seats out ASAP, and was honestly a little too frustrated to stand still and try to look calm and collected for a photo.

Taking the seats out revealed crumbs, pieces of trash, and remnants of 6 years of ownership. It was honestly quite gross and even though I had the majority of the day left, I decided I wanted to deep clean the Fiesta before getting started on building the platform. With the seats out and the bare metal frame exposed it really made me excited, maybe even a little nervous, like “woah I really ripped those seats out and it looks awful so I have to finish it to make it look better now.” I took the rest of the day and cleaned out the car and did my best to get it ready for the next build day. That’s all I got for this post – keep an eye out for new ones as I am doing my best to get the entirety of the build process covered over the next week or so.

Take care out there!

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